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Its never too late to learn something new, whether you've performed your whole life or you're a complete beginner, our classes are for you. 


Adult tap- 

This class is for all ages and abilities. Come along and join our lovely ladies with the chance to perform on stage to many different songs, old and new. 


Adult Ballet- Thursdays- 10.45-11.45am

Develop your posture, elegance and performance. Our adult ballet class has a mixture of ex ballet teachers to complete beginners. A fantastic fitness class for strengthening your core. 


No dance experience needed, just your disco shoes. Dance around to all the best party songs old and new. No routines to remember, just basic steps each week from varing styles. Do you like to party? This class is for you. 

Strength and flex

15 mins of core strengthening and muscle burning exercises followed by 15 mins of flexibility and relaxation. 

AerialFit with Silks and hoops

Aerial fit, using our equipment and various specialist exercises to work every single muscle in your body. Hanging, climbing and swinging, a fun class to get a good workout. Try something different. 


Tuesday- 9.30-10.30am 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Strengthen and lengthen your body in a relaxing and calming environment!

(Annie also has other classes available )

JOin us Today!

Come along for a free trial. All our adult classes are pay as you go.

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